Celebrating success

We're proud of these success stories from the people we support


“The staff at Autism Care worked with me to get my own place after I left residential college. They helped me to learn new things. Even when I found things difficult they always stayed positive and helped me understand what Asperger Syndrome means for me.

First I moved to Autism Care for six months, back then I needed a lot of structure to cope with my emotions. The staff worked with me to find a place of my own for the first time in my life. Now, I live in a house with another guy who used to live at Autism Care. We both have our support through Autism Care and now I only have four hours of support a day.

I have written one book and am trying to get it published – I have just started writing another. I work as a self-advocate too.

It was Autism Care that helped me be as independent as I am today. I help them train their staff in what it can feel like to have Asperger Syndrome so am actually on the payroll now!”