We are driven by a straightforward belief that everyone deserves a life of happiness, dignity, achievement and inclusion. Here’s how we define each of these outcomes:


We support people to achieve good mental and physical health and general well-being. Each person has a unique set of objectives relating to their autism or learning disability (for example sensory needs) which are our primary focus at all times.


Our training and induction process ensures all staff uphold the values expressed in our Dignity Commitment statement. The people we support self-direct their program as far as possible and exercise choice in all aspects of their daily lives. We have a customer care policy which governs the delivery of the support we provide and we have dignity champions working throughout the homes.


Through an ongoing process of person-centred planning, individuals are able to achieve their life goals and ambitions. We work alongside a person’s circle of support and continually review a person’s goals to ensure we are adapting to changes and planning for their future. We recognise and celebrate achievements and view people in terms of skills and talents rather than focusing on negative labels relating to their condition.


We encourage everyone to be part of their local community in whatever way suits them. We are proactive in supporting people to build friendships and positive relationships to enhance their formal support arrangements. We consider family and friends as experts in their loved ones and utilise their knowledge and experience to enhance our staff training system.