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Autism is just a part of a person – it does not define who they are. We believe it is important to look past a perceived limitation and consider an individual’s thoughts, feelings, ideas and dreams. By viewing autism as a different ability rather than a disability we can provide exactly the right support to empower and enhance people’s lives.

It’s easy to misunderstand autism when we are presented with pre-conceived ideas in the media. The truth is that everyone is unique and experiences autism in different ways.

At least 80% of people on the spectrum struggle with out-of-sync senses. This means that ordinary sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches that you may not even notice can be downright painful, confusing or frustrating to them.

People with autism are literal thinkers and visually orientated.

Asperger syndrome

An individual with Asperger syndrome does not usually have a learning disability and could have an average or higher than average I.Q. Asperger syndrome is often known as the ‘hidden disability’ as individuals can become great observers and mimics of “ordinary” people around them by learning the ‘correct’ responses to different situations. Sometimes this leads to vulnerability as people may not understand the consequences of their actions or interactions.

The support we provide tackles these unique support needs enabling people to stay in control and develop their own coping strategies.