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Our approach

At Autism Care, we invest in our staff teams to provide ongoing training and knowledge sharing to benefit all the people we support.

We also pride ourselves on our openness, accountability, high standards of customer care, engagement and responsiveness.

The most important outcomes are those that are identified by individuals and their wider circle of support. In this sense we never assume ‘we know best’, but instead work together to provide person centred planning and individual development plans to identify and achieve their life goals.

Specialist support

Autism Care takes a proactive approach to supporting individuals who may be described as exhibiting 'challenging behaviours or communications' in certain situations.

The focus is not on the ‘challenging behaviours’, but on understanding what the individual is trying to communicate.

Our staff are trained to understand the functions behind the behavioural communication and our aim is to enhance quality of life, develop independent life skills, improve communication and resolve environmental issues.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) helps people to get the life they want by giving them as much choice, freedom, autonomy and independence as they are comfortable with and also acknowledges that to do so will involve being supported in new ways and may well involve increased, but measured, risk taking.

We work to establish what an individual’s perfect day looks like and then try to replicate it.