We provide flexible, person-centred services to meet the different needs of the people we support. We have developed a range of services including intensive support for people with challenging behaviours, dual diagnosis, autism specific services, services for people with additional physical and sensory needs and community support for people who are more independent. We work closely with families, carers and other stakeholders to provide coordinated services for individuals.

From the beginning, we involve families, carers and care managers to create a support plan built around a person’s needs, aspirations and abilities. This results in a truly unique care plan that respects each person’s lifestyle choices.

Our services

Through our network of contacts and specially trained staff, we offer expert advice and support in the following areas;

  • Tenancy support: to help people manage all aspects of living and paying rent
  • Re-settlement support: providing a safe and stable care pathway for people looking to move on from their current support arrangements
  • Supported Living: we seek to find the right accommodation with good access to the local community and support that is just right for each person’s needs