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Autism and Complex Needs
Complex Needs and Autism

Forming relationships, sharing feelings and building an understanding may be difficult for people with an autistic spectrum condition. We also understand that people with learning disabilities often have complex needs and challenges.

Our skilled and experienced teams spend time understanding the person, including the personal triggers that lead to anxiety and the aspects of life they find difficult.
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Learning Disabilities

We provide positive, innovative support enabling each person to grow, achieve and live life to the full. Our experienced and specialist learning disability teams work closely with an individual and their network of support to identify what support they need and how and when it is delivered.

Our reputation and resources enable us to provide a strong support structure to our teams of local professionals.
Mental Health results page
Mental Health

We provide specialist support and recovery services for people living with mental health conditions across the spectrum of mental illness, including schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorders, as well as depression and anxiety.

Whether it’s supporting people for a few hours each week to 24 hour support, we focus on the person, not just their diagnosis.