Care Solutions Supported Living

Supported living enables people to live the life they want, with as much support as they need to increase their confidence, competence and experience.

We provide supported living services for adults with learning and physical disabilities, complex needs, autistic spectrum conditions, mental health needs and challenging behaviours.

Our supported living services have been developed on a bespoke basis, to provide a personalised support framework based on the specific needs of each individual. This includes supporting people who live in shared houses, with typically 2-4 housemates together, clustered individual properties and also standalone accommodation for one person. In supported living the accommodation is provided separately to the support, although we can also help people to find a suitable place to live.

We have developed bespoke services to enable people with complex autistic needs to leave long term institutional placements and enjoy private homes of their own with highly trained staff. We can help find the right accommodation for each individual’s needs. Additionally we can provide outreach services to support people living in their family home.

With all our services, we can provide as much or as little support as you like, from just a few hours a week, to 24 hour care. If you need help finding a place to live, you can find more information on how we can help by calling 01480 223650.