Case studies
“Craig hates change,” says his mum Sandra. “He needs stability and consistency in his life. Finding the right support is crucial because getting it wrong could mean, in the worst case scenario, things spiralling out of control.”

Craig has learning disabilities and is on the autistic spectrum. In his mid-teens, he was bullied which affected his self esteem.
Emily was diagnosed with a personality disorder and depression a few years ago.

Having been in and out of hospital, her support team, working with her community psychiatric nurse and psychiatrist, employed cognitive behavioural therapy techniques which enabled Emily to develop positive coping strategies and take responsibility for staying safe.
Michelle move to Pioneer Court case study picture
Michelle moved into Pioneer Court on 20 February 2017 so that she could regain her independence following a decline in her physical health.  

Pioneer Court offered a combination of living independently whilst accessing the support when needed. Michelle was always independent with her own personal care and medication so this has been a big change for her.
“Last year, we decided to have a go at creating a sensory garden – and the result is amazing,” says Lifeways Team Leader Roger.

“It’s a magical spot for a bit of quiet relaxation, complete with a mini waterfall and decorations that shimmer in the sunshine.”
Simon has a learning disability, autism and associated challenging behaviour and epilepsy. Due to his behaviours and anxieties of new situations, Simon suffers from social isolation.

Simon needed to register with new health facilities. His support team worked with the selected surgery who were extremely accommodating – providing an opportunity for Simon to explore the premises out of hours.
What is important to Zak is to listen to what he wants and tailor things to meet his needs.

Before he moved into his own tenancy he was living in his family home, so the move to supported living has been a big step and his independence is growing.