Keys Hill Park, Wroxham, Norfolk about us


Keys Hill Park is a converted Edwardian mansion, surrounded by six newly developed townhouses, and a cottage, all set within three acres of landscaped parkland. The 11 properties are individually designed, and domestic in style. Rooms are spacious, bright and beautifully appointed with attractive views from every window. Living areas provide more than twice the space required under regulation and there are communal areas for the occasional party or social gathering. Each property has its own private garden, neatly tended by those resident within the house or apartment. Competitions for best hanging basket, tallest sunflower and best kept lawn are popular and instill a sense of pride and responsibility. The results are genuinely impressive.

Creating the right life balance is all about environment and culture. The physical environment is only part of this, it is also the ethos of the service, delivered through a committed, motivated, and educated support team that makes the biggest difference.