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Life Through a Lens for World Autism Awareness Week

With people we support staying at home, we’ve reviewed our usual plans of bringing people together to celebrate World Autism Awareness Week.

Instead, we invited everyone we support to get involved in our Life Through a Lens campaign. The idea is to design, create, draw or customise a pair of glasses that reflects their personality or illustrates how they see the world.

Our commitment to World Autism Awareness Week will be to remind ourselves that we all see and experience the world in different ways and that everyone’s view is valid.  Also, that we sometimes need to try and see things from someone else’s perspective.

As a provider of services to people with autism our key messages are:

  • We live our values: we listen, we respect, we deliver

  • We work collaboratively with the people we support to ensure they are at the heart of everything we do

  • We are all committed to providing people with autism with specialist support and to helping achieve acceptance of autism

And what an amazing response we have had! Here are some of the fantastic and creative results from the people we support. Well done everyone!