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We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing staff.

Take a look at some of their stories below:

Meet Ashley

Ashley joined Lifeways with no experience or qualifications, but plenty of transferable skills and a passion for making a difference to someone's life.

Ashley joined the Lifeways Group in 2018 with no previous experience of supporting people or social care qualifications.  When asked if that put him off applying, Ashley says, "I was looking for something that would make me feel useful again.  I realised I could transfer the skills I acquired as a performer and a parent to social care, and maybe make a difference in someone's life."


Meet Liam

Liam talks about how his job became a way of life.

Liam's previous job involved invoicing, finding out what was wrong with peoples' cars, chasing payments and dealing with customers. “The job was mundane, 9 to 5, same thing day in day out. Often dealing with customers who were annoyed, frustrated and abusive. I remember thinking there must be something more to life than this.”


Meet Nicky

After 17 years working in an office, a chance phone call led to a dramatic change in career for Nicky.

One day at her previous job, Nicky received a call from an elderly lady who was crying and said she needed help. The lady had some problems and and Nicky found herself organising payment plans, budgets, and finding a way to help her. "That call changed my life!" remembers Nicky.


Meet Geoff

Geoff is the Team Leader for 3 services, and has been with Lifeways for 13 years.

Geoff started working for the Lifeways Group 13 years ago when he was 26. His mum and sister work for the company as well, and even his brother worked here before he joined the army. Geoff says, "It's a proper family affair - I met my wife here too!"



Meet Carla

Carla has built an exceptional career at Lifeways, rising to the role of Acting Area Manager in only 4 years.

Carla is 28 years old, trained as a dancer and enjoyed a career as a dance teacher. Carla joined Lifeways in May 2014 and has since worked her way up from a support worker role to Acting Area Manager - an impressive achievement! "Over the last few years I have progressed quite quickly in my career, and this has a lot to do with the amazing team at Dubford. Our very high standards have been possible due to the tireless work of this team."