Promoting innovation through strong and diverse partnerships

We work in partnership with local communities and agencies to deliver excellent care and help people become active members of their local community. We keep everyone, from family and case managers to the people we support, fully informed of progress and clear on the choices available.

As our services develop and additional schemes are built, we use new technology and innovative partnership models to deliver market leading support. This includes using the latest assistive technology in our new developments and existing schemes, to inspire people to develop independent living skills and rely less on paid services.

We a work with relevant agencies and professionals to ensure that the people we support have access to a full range of health services, independent advocacy services, benefits advice and entitlements, employment and Lifelong Learning opportunities and community facilities which are available to their fellow citizens.

It’s an approach that’s locked into our vision for purpose built homes in the heart of the community. By working in partnership with key members of the community in joint ventures, we deliver the best outcomes for the people we support.

It’s here that we can design our support around individual needs, promote independent living – and create a fulfilling future for everyone.

Find out more about how we work in partnership with different groups below.