Short breaks and respite

Short Breaks & Respite

Helping individuals and their family make the most of a short break.

Our short breaks and respite services make a real difference to the lives of the people we support, their families and carers, and allow people to spend their budget allocation in the way that they want to

We have developed an exciting new range of personalised services to offer families more choice, with a number of community based/out reach opportunities closer to home as well as further afield. Our services are tailored to a family's specific needs - enabling the family to take a break, whilst supporting the person to enjoy a positive experience.

The individual using our services is always at the centre of their provision

The individual using the service, alongside their family, are involved in choosing who supports them. We match the staff team to the activities selected by the person to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. The team are also trained to meet the specific needs of each person, however complex these might be. As with any other type of support we provide, we put in place detailed support plans, risk assessments and work with relevant professionals to ensure the individual is fully supported at all times.

Active Days

If you’re caring for a loved one with learning disabilities, life can be tough. Our 'Active Days' service allows you to kick back, relax and let us take the strain. The service is designed around a person's interests, dreams and goals - enabling them to access new activities and experiences in a fun and exhilarating environment.

From tree planting, rural skills, arts and crafts, sports activities, to music workshops, woodwork, and IT courses, there is something for everyone to try.

Activities are overseen by our team of highly qualified professionals, ensuring everything happens in a safe and controlled environment. They offer a great way for people of all abilities to have fun, meet new people and take on all sorts of new challenges.

Outreach Services

Individuals use our outreach services for specific things such as shopping, using public transport, attending social and community clubs, doing activities such as swimming, going to work or going to college. Wherever possible the same support worker attends each time.

What are outreach services?

Outreach support can be for any number of hours a week and can be used to give family carers a break from caring for a loved one. It also gives people a chance to have a change of scene with another familiar face. It’s an excellent way for people with learning disabilities to try something new and to develop their social skills, independence and self-confidence.

Help with work and training

We believe in the importance of life-long learning and of making use of all that the local community has to offer. Whether a person wants to learn a new skill or find a paid or voluntary job, outreach support can help them to make this happen. We help people to attend college courses, to find or attend work placements, to travel to and from work independently and to gain paid or voluntary work.

Money & budget advice

We support people to take control of their money, developing the skills to manage their day-to-day finances so that they have the resources to live the life they want. We advise and support them to manage their money, their personal/individual budgets and direct payments, so that they can take more control of their life.

We support people to:

  • Have their own bank account

  • Understand and access the benefits they’re entitled to

  • Pay bills or save up for the things they want

  • Ensure that their utility and mobile phone bills and contracts are set up in a way that they understand

What we do appeals not only because of the enjoyment we give to the people who take part but also the respite we give carers.

Transitional Support

Transitional support provides valuable reassurance for a person with learning disabilities who may be moving from a residential setting into supported living, or from their family home or supported living into their own home

What is transitional support?
We work with individuals and those important to them to develop a transitional plan that reflects their needs and wishes as they make the move to a new setting, usually with gradually less support from us. The aim is to remove any fears and anxieties they may have to ensure a smooth and successful transition to greater independence. We can provide flexible support of any type and at any level.

We use our relationships with housing associations, private landlords or estate agents to help people find the type of home they want. We’ll also help individuals to get involved in their communities and to have the same opportunities as everyone else.