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Team Leader Tracey

Tracey Nicless, Team Leader at Badgers Court, shares her story of how working as a full-time mum led to a career at Lifeways.

Tracey’s passion for care came from her son, who has special speech and language needs. She spent her time looking after him, as a full time stay at home mum. During this time, she encouraged him to do things independently, make the best of what he could do, and never give up… which he didn’t! He’s now self-employed and a credit to himself. A massive achievement for both Tracey and her son.  

In 2013 Tracey joined our Lifeways team. After working her way up, she now is now a Team Leader. It is her job to ensure all of othe people we support get the best quality care, and help people to lead more fulfilling and independent lives.  

Tracey describes a typical day as a Team Leader at Lifeways:  

"My responsibility is to my client and their wellbeing first. My average day consists of handing out medication, meals, and drinks to people we support. I give personal care, housework, run activities, and just make sure the client is happy, safe, and comfortable. I also go shopping, take them to appointments, and go to meetings if needed. I’m always chatting throughout the day and making people smile which is very important for them".  

As Tracey has worked for Lifeways for over seven years, she has been able to develop her skills, professionally and personally. As a Lifeways employee, she is provided a clear pathway for training, development and support to achieve these goals. Tracey takes every opportunity to learn new ways of working and reflect on her performance.  

"Lifeways listen to you. They are always improving the service, considering the wellbeing and preferences of the clients but they also offer excellent leadership, training, and are dedicated to supporting colleagues.  

I have learned excellent leadership skills from my manager. Including how to deal with professionals and families, the different ways of communication, which is individual-based and how to write and understand care plans, risk assessments, etc. I have also learned how to reflect on my skills, and how to manage my wellbeing and the wellbeing of the staff”.  

As a Team Leader and long-term colleague at Lifeways, Tracey believes that “Lifeways are a good company to work for, they are efficient and dedicated to the clients and staff. Managers have time to listen to any issues and they always promote teamwork and values. Every day is different and I look forward to coming to work. I would highly recommend Lifeways"  

To see how you can join the team at Lifeways, visit our careers page.

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