Case studies
“Craig hates change,” says his mum Sandra. “He needs stability and consistency in his life. Finding the right support is crucial because getting it wrong could mean, in the worst case scenario, things spiralling out of control.”

Craig has learning disabilities and is on the autistic spectrum. In his mid-teens, he was bullied which affected his self-esteem.

“Craig was having a very difficult time, what had been a manageable situation turned into something much more complex and challenging,” says Sandra. “My biggest worry was about the level of support Craig needed.”

Finding the right support through Lifeways has changed Craig’s life. His support worker Lee has helped him use specialist software to organise his daily schedule, keeping track of his activities week by week and planning for the future.

Fascinated by computers and meticulous about record keeping, this has helped to improve Craig’s confidence. Now he goes to the local youth club and quiz nights at his local pub and he plays snooker. “We went together on the train to the seaside and had an amazing day out cycling and fishing,” says Lee.

Craig has also started doing some voluntary work, helping out on the radio station at the local college. “The list of new things he’s tackling seems endless,” says Sandra.

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