Case studies
Michelle move to Pioneer Court case study picture
Michelle moved into Pioneer Court in February 2017 following a decline in her physical health which meant she would now need more support. Pioneer Court offered the right combination of independent living and onsite support.

There has been a period of adjustment for Michelle as she came to terms with her new health limitations. The team at Pioneer Court have worked hard to find the right level of support that enables Michelle to still enjoy an independent life. They have listened to her wishes and involved her in all decisions whilst resolving any concerns as and when they occurred.

Michelle enjoys the space of her bungalow and the fact she can reach her light switches as they are set at the right level for her to use. These small adaptations to people’s accommodation make a world of difference as they allow people to be in control in their own homes. Michelle also feels safer having assistive technology and knowing she can contact staff during the night if she needs anything.

Michelle’s new home is located in the area where she grew up as a child so she is familiar with her surroundings. Her best friend also lives close by which has been very reassuring, especially as she has also gone through a similar experience to Michelle.

Michelle is looking forward to using her new electric wheelchair to explore her local community.

Michelle’s goal for the future is to regain as much independence as possible and she is feeling positive about the future since her move to Pioneer Court.