Case studies
“Last year, we decided to have a go at creating a sensory garden – and the result is amazing,” says Lifeways Team Leader Roger.

“It’s a magical spot for a bit of quiet relaxation, complete with a mini waterfall and decorations that shimmer in the sunshine.”

At every possible opportunity, residents Paul and Julian are in their garden. The fully wheelchair accessible garden at our four-bedroom house is a special place. Developing daily living skills such as cooking are a high priority and to encourage healthy eating, Roger recently created a vegetable patch in the garden.

The support team and residents are now eagerly watching the progress of crops of potatoes, beans and broccoli. They’re hoping for plenty of fresh, home grown produce to use in the meals they prepare together.

“We encourage residents to be independent, develop daily living skills and become active members of the local and wider community,” adds Roger.

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Residential Case Study