The new edition of Lifelines is now available from your local area office. We’re delighted with this new-look version, as we have been working in co-production with the people we support to review and relaunch this new version.

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We have worked with two groups of people we support in Halifax and Chesterfield to find out what they liked and what they wanted to see change. From these meetings we were able to determine several key elements of the design that needed to change. The groups asked for larger font, bigger images, less design elements and text running across the page instead of in columns. They also suggested new features they would like to see and we will be working to incorporate these into future issues of the magazine.

Going forward 5 members of the Chesterfield group have become part of the Lifelines editorial team. They will be conducting interviews, writing reviews, taking photos and working on stories that are submitted from across the group.

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