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We provide services to assist with the following:

  • personal care and support including medication management
  • day-to-day tasks
  • learning new skills and becoming more independent
  • taking up education and employment opportunities
  • becoming more involved in social activities in the local area

For more information about the services we offer across Scotland, download our Scotland brochure here.

Our Glasgow and Kilmarnock area office providers services for Central Glasgow, North Lanarkshire & South Lanarkshire, the services we provide include, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Acquired Brain Injury and Mental Health.

Our person-centred approach places individuals at the centre of a local network of expert support which can include their family, carers, care managers and health and social care organisations and professionals.

Enabling every person to reach their full potential

We assist people with a range of needs to live independently and safely in their own home – supporting them to access the social, leisure, education, training, voluntary work and employment opportunities and activities open to all members of the community.

Lifeways Glasgow and Kilmarnock support individuals to recruit their own team allowing them to feel involved giving them choices and preferences. We carry out full assessments with a person centred approach and through the specialised training we can support individuals with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours to reach their fullest potential. Our Positive Behaviour (PBS) approach enables individuals to learn new skills. We involve all people we support to make choices the tools we use allow us to communicate better and to manage the challenging behaviour. Our PBS training allows us to put in reactive strategies to keep the individual we support and our staff from harm.

One of the people we support previously did not spend time within the community due to triggers within the community which would escalate her challenging behaviours. Trained support staff are aware of the triggers and use distractions. Lifeways are aware of the importance of regular staff and continuity. This lady has now chaired her own review. The feedback from her family is that “they are shocked their relative can now access a supermarket and have never seen her interacting before which is down to the staff “ “ The transition from one place to another was so much better than I expected and which is down to Lifeways”


The key to working with a person with autism is to understand the world from their perspective. Lifeways Glasgow & Kilmarnock staff uses a person-centered approach to understanding and supporting a person with autism. This includes aspiring to appreciate what each person understands, how they communicate, what motivates them, what they expect and what they experience through their senses. Whist supporting the person with autism we will:-Explain at every stage what we are about to do, what will happen next and why. Give the person enough time to understand the information and wait a few seconds for a response if it’s not given immediately, ask clear and direct questions using language that is easy to understand and use pictures where necessary.

People with autism might take what you say literally so we avoid words with double meaning and humour that can be misunderstood.

Maintain a routine as familiarity is often important to people with autism.

Social difficulties may include lack of eye contact and unusual body language, talking at inappropriate moments or about inappropriate subjects.

Repetitive behaviours may be a coping mechanism and would therefore be respected.

The environment is important. Some people with autism are particularly sensitive to light, movements, sounds, smell and touch. We would try to keep the immediate environment as calm as possible to alleviate any anxiety. We will always consider the persons behaviour in terms of his or her autism, even if it becomes challenging. We will always ask the person and/or carer family or advocate what support they might need.

Our staff are individually recruited with inclusion from the person and their family and specifically trained to understand autism, the needs of the person, their family and to assist the person to achieve the highest possible outcomes whilst promoting dignity, choice and independence.

Choice, dignity and independence is achieved through a robust agreed support plan, inclusive recruitment of specifically trained staff and a team approach with the person, their family and other professionals involved in the support of the person with autism.

Acquired brain injuries

At the Glasgow & Kilmarnock office we put together individualized support plans with the underpinning of the person centred approach. We carry out a holistic assessment on all the people we support. We enable individuals to live as independently as possible. Our staff are ABI trained and our ABI Development Manager is very accessible. We focus on providing support through our specialised ABI support team .We tailor our services to meet the needs and the solutions of the individual. We will assist with supporting individuals through personalised budgets enabling them to tailor the service to their needs. The people we support are very important to us. One such individual came to Lifeways with an acquired brain injury, and due to his injury he was extremely emotional and required support with choices within his life. His wife is fully involved in his support package. B requires a lot of encouragement and prompting. We support B to access the community with staff engaging effectively. Risk is managed within B’s home and support workers support B when he can become overwhelmed.

All staff and his wife are fully involved within the package of support. There are now some activities which B carried out previously in his past, and with the support of the staff he is now accessing these again.

Feedback from the family has been “we can’t speak more highly of your staff and team with the input they have made”

Mental health

Supporting a person in the community with mental health issues is both challenging and rewarding. By using a person centered approach, inclusive recruitment and specifically trained staff, Lifeways will always persist in meeting the needs of the individual, with high quality outcomes for the person. As “mental health” covers a wide and varying selection of diagnosis and complex issues that may restrict a persons ability in various degrees to function to what may be deemed in society as “the norm”, the support they receive in the community is vital to their wellbeing and happiness in order to lead a full and rewarding life.

People with enduring mental health issues can find themselves socially isolated and present with very different symptoms depending on their diagnosis, e.g. schizophrenia, bi polar disorder, depression, personality disorder addiction etc. A person may have one of these diagnoses or even a combination of different illnesses. This can lead to many different health issues and needs. This is where having some insight into their diagnosis is vital to give a high quality of support.

Having registered mental health nurses working within the team at Lifeways Glasgow & Kilmarnock is important to give support staff extra assistance and advice combined with both general mental health training e.g. mental health first aid and also training specific to the needs of the person being supported. This is what Lifeways always strive to achieve.

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