We provide services to assist with the following:

  • personal care and support including medication management
  • day-to-day tasks
  • learning new skills and becoming more independent
  • taking up education and employment opportunities
  • becoming more involved in social activities in the local area

Lifeways Orchard Care area office provides services to Stoke on Trent and surrounding areas, the services we offer are Learning Disabilities, Autism, Mental Health and Residential.

At Lifeways Orchard Care we enable the people we support to live an active and full life in their community by delivering services which meet their individual needs and aspirations, whilst living in their own homes.

Our aim is to help people towards greater independence through individualised care and support. It could just be for a few hours a week to help with household chores or shopping, through to 24 hours a day support, 7 days a week, dependent on the person’s needs.

Lifeways Orchard Care provides high quality services shaped around individual needs

We believe that each person we support at Lifeways Orchard Care should feel heard, valued, respected, in control, independent and included.

Working with individuals and their network of support, we empower each person to build their confidence and skills, to lead a rich and fulfilling life in their community.

By investing in new and innovative methods of support and recruiting the best staff, we are able to meet the individual needs and aspirations of each person we support.

At Lifeways Orchard Care we offer the highest standards of support through a commitment to person-centred planning, attention to detail, engaged staff teams and most importantly a passion for enabling the people we support to achieve their goals and self-direct their support as much as they can.

Positive behaviour and active support underpin everything we do. We understand that each individual is a unique human being and not just a set of risks and challenges. We also recognise that families are the experts, so we work closely with families to create care pathways that empower the people we support to achieve their ambitions, acquire new skills, forge genuine community links and to live fulfilling lives.

Lifeways Orchard Care is an ideal stepping stone for young adults in transition from college or children’s services or individuals leaving hospital settings and can provide a pathway to the person having their own local supported living tenancy.

Enquiries & referrals

Manager: Judith Holloway
Tel: 01782 572000
Email: stoke@lifeways.co.uk

Where to find us

Office Block 1, Crown Business Park
Govan Road, Fenton Industrial Estate, Fenton
Stoke on Trent