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We provide services to assist with the following:

  • personal care and support including medication management
  • day-to-day tasks
  • learning new skills and becoming more independent
  • taking up education and employment opportunities
  • becoming more involved in social activities in the local area

Autism Care Lincolnshire Supported Living area office provides services in the following areas: Lincoln, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, Boston, Grantham and Scunthorpe, our services include: Learning Disabilities, Autism, Mental Health and Supported Living.

For people with the most complex needs we can also offer residential care as the beginning of a support pathway to community living. All the support we offer is based on comprehensive person-centred planning and an in depth understanding of each person’s unique needs.

Positive behaviour support underpins everything we do, and our dedicated and highly trained teams focus on individual outcomes and helping the people we support to achieve their life goals.

We also provide:

support for the family or carers of the person with a learning disability

making important decisions, and ensuring that other people understand what you need

accessing health services

support and encouragement to stay healthy

emotional support

looking after the person with a learning disability we can offer respite in your own home

advice on different types of learning disabilities, and on managing any challenging behaviour which the person with a learning disability might display

What level of support a person needs will vary, we can offer a package that suits you.

Our packages of care and support can vary dependent on your needs. Our support staff are available for short calls as well as 24 hour support, 7 days a week.

We encourage the people we support to live a full and engaged life, to reach their goals and be active members of the local community. Our team are very experienced, they work in close association with social workers and a clinical team, and we collectively work to ensure we meet the needs of each individual through a range of activities.

Services we can design around each individual include:

Shared supported living

Individual supported living

Day support activities

Outreach support

Enquiries & referrals

Manager: Lesley Shepherd
Tel: 01526 322444

Where to find us

Birchwood Flats, Jasmin Walk
Birchwood Shopping Centre