Unity House sensory room
Unity House exterior
  • Upper floor
  • 12 single en-suite bedrooms
  • Activity room
  • Gymnasium
  • Spacious lounges
  • Training laundry and kitchen.
  • Lower floor
  • 6 spacious flats
  • Sensory room
  • Sensory garden
  • Spacious lounge
  • Dining area

Unity House is a purpose built residential care home in a central location in Peterlee. The service provides specialist care for adults with complex needs, including behavioural needs and Autism who require bespoke care and support. Some people we support may have a diagnosed mental illness dual diagnosis and other complex needs. Unity House offers a safe and friendly environment and care packages are tailored to individual needs, with a focus on stability and if possible, reintegration back into the community.

About the home

Unity House is a two storey facility. On the upper floor, care and support is provided for 12 individuals where there are single en suite bedrooms, spacious lounges, a training laundry and kitchen, gymnasium and a large activities room. The ground floor consists of six spacious self-contained flat lets with excellent facilities to prepare people we support for more independent living and a move back into the community.

Individuals benefit from a psychology-led service which is completely bespoke to each individual based on their level of need, to support all aspects of physical, emotional and mental health care. The service also benefits from a full-time occupational therapy service with a focus breaking the barriers impacting on functional skills and focuses tackling social isolation through a range of therapeutic opportunities.

Each person who enters our service has their own specific needs. In this respect their care and treatment will be unique to them to meet their individual needs and length of stay within Unity House will vary from one person to the next.

Our ethos is for people to re-integrate into the community or move into less supported environments as soon as they are able. Flexible and short term care services are also available to provide respite for families and carers.

Surrounding area

Unity House is on a main bus route giving the opportunity for those who reside here the options of accessing other local towns and cities. The local town centre is a short distance from the house and is accessible via the under pass which means people can access the local community safely without having to cross any main roads. We also have a number of beaches and a local nature reserve which are a short distance from the House.

At a glance:

  • Dynamic support team offering one-to-one support and interventions.
  • Therapy packages based on individual need including on-site, accessible psychology and occupational therapy services.
  • Upper floor 12 single en-suite bedrooms, activity room, gymnasium, spacious lounges, training laundry and kitchen.
  • Lower floor 6 spacious flats, sensory room, sensory garden, spacious lounge and dining area
  • Socially included within the local community
  • Access to two company vehicles, one of which is wheelchair accessible.

Life at Unity House

For the person living at Unity House, they are provided with a support team who are responsible for ensuring care and support needs are met on a daily basis. The support team will plan the activities around that person’s wants, wishes and needs for that particular day. Regardless of a person’s diagnosis, there is an ethos of ensuring people are supported in their everyday living. This ranges from domestic tasks, doing laundry, learning cooking tasks and budgeting finances. This approach supported by the multi-disciplinary team who ensure the support provided remains person centred and focused on the identified therapeutic aims.

Life at Unity House can vary depending on the nature of what a person wishes to achieve in their daily lives. For some, this can be requiring support to achieve a structured and consistent daily planner to meet sensory processing profiles or reduce levels of anxiety which come from a lack of predictability. For others, the flexibility which can be provided by the service enables them to explore opportunities in their daily life which may not have been previously possible. Supporting this philosophy of care, the service places great emphasis on creating a positive and supportive home environment. Opportunities such as house meetings, group meals, themed parties and fun days enable the people we support to develop a sense of community and belonging.

We provide

  • An enthusiastic and well supported specialist staff team focused ensuring high quality care for people with intellectual disabilities and co-morbities.
  • A dedicated keyworker team wrapped around the person we support, ensuring all their wants, wishes and needs are supported in the least restrictive way possible whilst ensuring safety is maintained at all times.
  • On-site multi-disciplinary team consisting of clinical psychology and occupational therapy who can provide support to people who use the service and clinical supervision/training to the support worker team, ensuring a high quality delivery of service following evidence based best practice.
  • A transparent, honest and open approach to quality assurance, governance and safeguarding.
  • A homely environment which aims to be warm and welcoming to the people who we support, their families and anybody who wishes to visit the House.

Our commitment

  • We developed our commitments for Unity House alongside the people we support and the support team.
  • Respect – We will ensure we treat people we support and their families as we wish to be treated ourselves. We commit to ensuring judgements are not made and each person is valued as an individual with unique perspective on the world.
  • Family and Friends – We commit to ensuring family and friends of the people we support are respected at all times and their views are valued.
  • Independence – We will ensure people have the ability to live life to the full and with confidence. We will commit to developing opportunities for people we support to have the ability to do things independently, or with ‘just enough’ support.
  • Community – We want to ensure people are part of something special and part of a safe community where they feel as involved as possible.
  • Opportunities – We commit to giving people opportunities, giving chances for them to be grabbed with both hands. We believe in giving opportunities for people we support to expand their knowledge and skills.
  • Choice and Control – We want to ensure people are given every opportunity to decide what they want to achieve in their daily lives in the least restrictive way possible. We commit to ensuring people are free to learn from mistakes and achievements in daily lives.

Enquiries & referrals

Manager: Vincent Cara
Tel: 0191 586 1427
Email: vincent.cara@Lifeways.co.uk

Where to find us

Westcott Road
County Durham