Sarah came to SIL in October 2015 with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and anorexia. She was also severely self-harming. She had spent many years moving between her family home and hospital settings, and had spent 3 years in hospital, secure and psychiatric intensive care unit placements before coming to SIL.

“I came to see the flats and really loved them. I didn’t like the idea of having set support hours, but the support here was more self-directed which appealed to me and meant I could be more independent. I was scared when I first moved in, it was such a massive step after living with my family. I had doubts and wondered if I could cope, but the support they offered really suited me, and I was helped to manage my own recovery. Recovery for me means managing my mental heath while still achieving what I want to achieve.”

Sarah moved on from the service and started a new life in a new city within 10 months of her admission. She is now working part time and has been accepted onto a local access to higher education course.

“I’m really looking forward to a new start. I’ll have my boyfriend and some family close by, but also I’ll get telephone support from SIL whenever I need it.

I don’t expect to be symptom free, but recovery to me means being able to take control of my life in a good way, to be able to manage my feelings and emotions, manage in stressful situations and for it to almost become second nature.

Recovery means being able to live, move on from the past, achieve the goals I want to and that I am able to. Recovery means my illness is no longer controlling me.”

* Names have been changed