SIL’s ability to work with some of the most complex individuals is dependent on three essential factors. The quality of our managers, the quality of our staff and the quality of our assessments.

The assessment process includes time spent reading and analysing background information. A crucial part of the assessment is to ensure we have a full picture of someone’s current support needs, as well as the support they have received in the past. Within this it is essential to understand what has worked well in the past and what has not worked, as well as what has not yet been tried. Assessment is more than gathering information and detailing what we’re told by the referrers.

Our assessment requires us to decide what the information tells us about someone, how we might support them and how they might respond to support from SIL. It will also inform our approach. Within this process, as well as reviewing the historical background paperwork, we might also decide we need to meet with current care providers and practitioners to explore issues in more detail.

Transition Process

It is our experience that the success of the early period of a placement is a critical indicator of the long term success of our recovery programme. Therefore, the thoroughness of our pre admissions assessment and an effective transition period are key in establishing a well-managed and positive start to the placement. To facilitate this, we insist on a minimum 2 week transition period incorporating both day visits and overnight stays, before discharge from the existing placement.

The transition period is used to further inform our assessment ensuring we have gathered all the necessary information in relation to a client’s medication, daily routine, and other key factors in their life.

We do not ordinarily charge for our assessments or day visits to our services. However it is necessary for the client to sign up to a tenancy or license agreement (as appropriate) prior to their first overnight stay.

“All of the people we support come and visit the service during their assessment. If all goes well and they like it, they come in for a few hours, then a full day, and then more days and overnight stays; all in what will be thier own flat. This staggered approach helps to introduce people gradually to their new environment.”

Chris, Manager at Bluebell Court

Matthew Hemming, Assessment Practitioner, talks about SIL’s assessment process: