Many people we support go on to live independently in their own homes, or they transition from our services to lower levels of support.

We have helped many people on their recovery journeys, helping them take control and build a fulfilling life beyond mental illness.

Shannon's story

Shannon started struggling with her mental health when she was 10. On leaving hospital and facing the challenges of living in the community she came to SIL in 2018. Here  she talks to us about living in her own place and the progress she's made.
Kay's story

Kay's mental health deteriorated following the death of her daughter. Following a long period in hospital  and subsequent placement with SIL,  she's now living back home with her husband and 4 children.
Louise's story

Louise came to SIL’s Wellingborough service following several hospital placements and a number of  failed community placements. Here she describes her journey so far with SIL.