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Acquired Brain Injury Services

Our acquired brain injury (ABI) support service gives hope and independence to people who have suffered injuries caused by trauma or from a medical condition such as a stroke, haemorrhage or tumour.

Our specialist ABI support teams have a strong background in brain injury rehabilitation and community supported living. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we put personalisation into action with our acquired brain injury services.

Since 2009, our specialist supported living services have helped people with acquired brain injuries across the UK.

We assist them to move from often remote inpatient rehabilitation services back in to their own community so they can rebuild their lives.

Our services focus on providing specialist support for people within their own home. This helps them to rebuild their family, social and community links, whilst retaining the specialist support they require.

Through work, college, volunteering, shopping, meeting friends and family, enjoying a hobby or playing sport, we support and encourage each person to access opportunities, activities and facilities open to everyone in the community – supporting them to be active members of their community.