Short breaks and respite

Lifeways short breaks and respite services

Having a break or a change of scene can make a real difference, not only to the lives of the people we support but to their families and carers.

We have developed an exciting range of personalised services to offer families more choice, with a number of community based/outreach opportunities closer to home as well as further afield.

Our services are tailored to a family's specific needs - enabling the family to take a break, whilst supporting the person to enjoy a positive experience. We ensure individuals can spend their budget allocation in the way that they want to.

The individual using the service, alongside their family, are involved in choosing who supports them. We match the staff team to the activities selected by the person to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. The team are also trained to meet the specific needs of each person, however complex these might be.

As with any other type of support we provide, we put in place detailed support plans, risk assessments and work with relevant professionals to ensure the individual is fully supported at all times.

Sarah's story - how short breaks and respite make a big difference

Sarah has epilepsy, lives with her parents, and enjoys an active life. Her parents like to spend time with their other daughter and family who live a distance away. Whilst they are away Sarah uses a local respite service for a week, every 2 months.

While there she is able to learn new skills and take part in all daily household chores. She is also able to access all her usual activities. Sarah gets support once a week to go out with friends and develop her informal networks of support.