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Resourcing Forecast and Reporting Analyst Matt

Resourcing Forecast and Reporting Analyst Matt Lewis shares how is his volunteering as an Independent Visitor inspired him to join Lifeways.  

Matt joined our resourcing team just over a year ago, as a Forecast and Reporting Analyst. This role involves the handling of the front-end data from various sources inside the business. For him, forecasting what Lifeways and the care sector will look like in the far and near future is an essential part of the job.   

In his spare time, Matt is a voluntary Independent Visitor. For over two years he has been responsible for the care of two young men, under the age of sixteen. This is an official role in the UK and is designed for children in the care system to have someone who will ensure their welfare and needs are met.  

"About once a month I will visit them both and take them out for some fun activities. This can be anything from a trip to the cinema or just take them out for some lunch. What we do is really up to them and what they are in the mood for. I find my voluntary work incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling. It essentially was what encouraged me to work in the care sector. I don't believe I would be where I am today if I wasn't an Independent Visitor".  

At the age of 33, Matt decided to leave his job at the BBC to pursue a career change. Looking around at the job market and what the care sector had to offer, Matt found the new role of Forecast and Reporting Analyst at Lifeways.  

"I saw the opportunity online and the challenge of taking on a new role within an established adult care organisation was the ideal next step in my career. 

Luckily, Lifeways are extremely supportive of my voluntary work and offer so much flexibility. I can work around the days I usually visit the two boys I am responsible for. For me, Lifeways is the most flexible company, in relation to work and home life, that I have ever worked for. Being able to work and volunteer in the care sector has given me such a sense of personal fulfilment”. 

To see how you can work for a flexible organisation that works around you, head over to our careers page.

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